The staff is caring, capable and professional. Excellent care. Fair prices. We’ve been with this practice for 6 years. Highly recommend! – Robin

The Doctors are always kind and helpful. The whole staff is friendly, helpful and courteous. Always a pleasure coming in, and my dogs love being there. Keep up the good work! – Sandra

My dog has always been terrified in vet’s offices. When I first brought her to RVVH she was also terrified and shaking. Dr. Klein spent over an hour in the floor with her on the first visit. This has resulted in a significant change in the dog whenever we go to RVVH. Everyone at the center makes her feel like she is their favorite 🙂 Working with the trainer, Meggan, has also greatly increased my dogs trust of people in white coats. This was especially helpful when she needed to be treated for a painful joint. Could not be more grateful for this caring group of pet lovers…very much appreciated! – Deirdre

The staff at Rogue Valley is top notch. We have been a client of Rogue Valley since 2000 and have never had any issues. Kudos to the receptionist staff, vet technicians and vets as we’ve always received professional service and care. Over the 17 years, we had a high maintenance English Bulldog and Lab pair and now another pair of an English Bulldog and Lab. The lab needed paw surgery because someone put broken glass in a lake we were training in and he sliced a third of his pad off. Dr. Comrie took perfect care of his surgery and recuperation. Cannot say enough about their puppy obedience classes. Awesome. – Jacki

While this vet hospital may not be the most economical, in my opinion – you get what you pay for. Their surgical services are excellent – above and beyond other vet hospitals that we have been to in the past. They really monitor their patients and can handle much more complex surgeries than a lot of vets in the Grand Rapids area. It’s important to note that I have shopped for other vets and found that Rogue Valley office visits, labs, diagnostics are much more reasonable than other vets in the Rockford area so it all balances out. Also, they are a full service vet. We have boarded and sent our dog for daycare and training as well. Our Bassett Hound, Winston loves the staff so much and gets such great care that I don’t even think that he misses us when he is there! I am so thankful that we have the AMAZING staff at Rogue Valley Vet – they are always available for any questions that we have and I wholeheartedly believe that you should entrust them with the care of your furry family member(s). – John

I absolutely love Dr. Duflo and am so grateful for the amazing care she has given my dog Bella. I’ve had nothing but great experiences at this clinic and would highly recommend them to anyone. The front staff and vet techs are also all amazing as Bella is a very “temperamental” dog and everyone is so good with her. Thank you for being the best clinic around! – Shelby