Spay & Neuter

You can make a difference! Every year, millions of unwanted dogs, cats, puppies, kittens are euthanized. By sterilizing your pet you will prevent unwanted births and enhance your pet’s quality of life. The surgery eliminates behavioral problems associated with mating instinct.  These undesirable behaviors may include:  female aggression in dogs due to cycle, urination and yowling in cats due to heat cycle, marking behavior in male dogs and cats, roaming and aggression based on mating behavior.  In addition to eliminating undesirable mating behavior, spaying and castration also helps to prevent some serious health concerns such as: prostate disease, ovarian and testicular cancer, pyometra (a life threatening uterine infection due to hormonal influences), and can reduce the odds of your dog developing breast cancer by as much as 90%!  Consult with one of our veterinarians about the most appropriate time to spay or neuter your pet.

Following your puppy’s or kitten’s initial series of wellness vaccination visits, we offer a complimentary office visit with our fully licensed, surgically experienced veterinary technicians prior to scheduling your pet’s surgery.  Our technicians will answer your questions, explain the procedure, give you a treatment plan specific to your pet’s needs and will provide you with a full estimate of the costs for services.