General Surgery

Rogue Valley Veterinary Hospital offers complete surgical care for your pets.  Our doctors are able to perform preventive surgeries, as well as, advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgery in our sterile surgical suite.  We offer the safest anesthesia available and monitoring technology to help ensure your pet’s safety during and after surgery.  All surgical patients receive an IV catheter and IV fluids for the duration of their surgery, which keeps them well-hydrated and helps them recover faster. Post-operative pain medication will ensure your pet recovers comfortably. During recovery, pets are closely monitored by our licensed technicians.

Prior to surgery, all pets are required to have  a thorough examination performed by the veterinarian.  We recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing to gather information of any underlying conditions.  Our veterinarian will provide you with a treatment plan, estimate of costs, and will schedule your pet’s surgery admittance appointment time.  At surgery admittance, the technician will review your contact information, review any changes in your pet’s health status, and will review the estimate of the treatment cost with you.  You will have time to ask any questions you may have about the procedure.  Our surgery technician or the doctor will call you to give a progress report on your pet’s status as your pet is recovering from anesthesia.  When your pet is discharged from the hospital, you will be informed about any needed post-operative or physical rehabilitation care.