Sports Medicine

Rogue Valley Veterinary Hospital PC offers a unique K-9 Sports MED-HAB service and canine underwater treadmill.

The underwater treadmill allows us to offer enhanced canine sports medicine for physical rehabilitation and conditioning for maximum performance. We treat performance related injuries unique to the physical demands of agility, field trials, hunting, sledding, obedience and flyball sports. Our sports MED-HAB service also offers conditioning and therapy programs for geriatric patients, post-operative or post-traumatic healing and weight control.

Our Unique K-9 Sports Med-Hab Service Provides Canine Sports Medicine & Physical Rehabilitation and General Health Conditioning For All Dogs:

We provide massage, ultrasound, laser therapy and hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill) sessions for dogs with orthopedic, neurologic, geriatric or weight concerns.  In addition to rehabilitation of injuries or surgery, our K-9 Sports Med-Hab service can provide a custom assessment and conditioning program for all dogs as a part of your pet’s annual wellness profile.  Exercise conditioning plays a large role in your pet’s over-all health.  Water and dry treadmill times can be scheduled for your pet when you are unable to provide enough exercise at home.

Once your pet is evaluated, a set of goals for rehabilitation, weight control or sports performance is established. We will develop a list of specific tasks for home and clinic exercises. You will also receive the schedule to accomplish goals for your pet's rehabilitation protocol. You will be sent a copy of the protocol and copies will be sent to your referring veterinarian and or surgeon. An estimate for your pet's rehabilitation and conditioning will be supplied to you at your first visit. Rehabilitation and conditioning sessions can be purchased as single visits or as packages of 12 visits. We offer cost-saving packages for both outpatient (while you wait or drop-off for the day) and for inpatient boarding with multiple daily sessions.