Boarding at RVVH

Rogue Valley Veterinary Hospital offers boarding for both cats and dogs. Our boarding facility is aimed at comfort and fun for your pet.  Dogs are given outdoor playtime several times a day.  This provides them with opportunities to run and play in our main fenced area and long walks in the field. Additional exercise and interaction with other dogs is always available if you choose to include your pet in our doggy daycare program.

We offer two types of kennels for dogs; suites and regular kennel runs. The suites are larger, calming, comfortable space, perfect for geriatric and extra large dogs. They include a comfortable Kuranda dog bed and extra large space, covered with a soft rubber flooring.  This flooring is warm and comfortable, with a soft non-slip texture, for older pet's with arthritis or pets requiring physical rehabilitation.  In our regular kennels, dogs are housed indoors and given exercise times in an outside fenced area several times each day.

Our feline friends are housed separately from dogs, have their own sanitary litter pan, and warm snugly bedding.  The rooms are also provided with Feliway diffusors, a pheromone scent, that has a calming effect on the cats and helps your kitty feel comfortable and safe in its new environment.  Cats will be given extra cuddles and receive playtime if they prefer to stretch their legs.

If your pet needs extra care due to medical or behavioral reasons, we will help with special care during his or her stay. With veterinarians , technicians and behavior specialists on staff, your pet will be in safe and caring hands.



  • Regular kennel for single dog - $30
  • Regular kennel for two dogs - $48
  • Suite for single dog - $44
  • Suite for two dogs - $62
  • Cat kennel - $21
  • Daycare with boarding *per day* - $19 


** Note ** all boarding and daycare dogs are required to be up-to-date on age appropriate vaccines and tests, including Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Fecal, and Heartworm.